I want to drown into the nature of your mind

spread my roots into your heart

suffocate under your presence

crucify my remains on your branches and leaves

stab my eyes with the flowers you gave me 

slit my wrist with the letters you wrote me

beautiful Aerie on my head forming the crown of thorns

where were you when i laid the foundations of my reincarnation  


I don't remember much

I can't seem to find answers to what i'm looking for,

I can't keep on searching for you

This someone or something

This presence that I keep on craving

You feel so real in my dreams

It's like you've always been there

It's like you never left

What if there Isn't any answers?

What if this feeling never truly go away?

Who are you?

How can i find you?


Something that don't really exist

How can i forget something that i don't remember?

Something so elusive and transparent,

Something i can't see

Like a ghost who keep tormenting me 

Who keep following me everywhere i go

Breaking my heart

I wish i knew how to swim in your words

but i keep on drowning in your lies 

As i was wondering into complete darkness beneath the city of saints,

I came across a strange lamp glaring into this endless tunnel of darkness

and it said,

"this way to the city of grief

this way to eternal pain

this way to the lost souls.

Justice inspired my maker, Divine power created me:

Heigh of wisdom, primary love, before me were no things created but eternal, i am eternal.

Leave all hope when you enter"

as i make my first step in the first layer of hell,

i continue my journey towards the center of the earth, your heart.

Those who have died in god's anger gather here, sentenced into the abyss for eternity

I couldn't describe the very strong impression that i felt this false silence on a faraway background of insect noises

this light falling from above

the tranquil beauty of the place

the feeling of an absent time,

of a eternal duration,.

I know we've never met but i keep thinking about you 

when i was made in the secret place..

when i was woven together in the depths of the earth, your eyes saw my unformed body,

you've kissed me before i was made

i couldn't see you but i felt your touch.

from the day i was born i could only imagine you

always stuck in my subconscious i had to experience life to remember you